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Salsafestival Switzerland

Hola Salseros!

Once more we could experience an unforgettable event with your great support! Thank you so much for making it happen!

Photos Salsafestival Switzerland 2016

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A big thank you also to all our sponsors. Thank you to Taxi 444 who were in charge of all transfers of all our artists and DJs. Thank you also to our sponsor Ballet-Shop, our number one address for dance shoes in Zurich, who is supporting us since the beginning.

Thanks to the dream team Patricia, Fabienne, Janine, Steven, Sven, Dani und Luca. Thanks to all volunteers who support us before, after and during the event. You did an amazing job!

Thank you also to all artists and DJs: Once more you were unique! Everything went smoothly! Thank you to SDS Fantasia Entertainment, Tamambo and Manuel Mascarell for their professional performance behind and on the stage.

Thank you to all dance companies, Salseros and Salseras and all dancers from all over the World which made party for 3 or 4 nights in Zurich supporting us in this amazing event.

Thank you to the media, portals and organisations. It's always a pleasure working with you.

Mark in your agenda:

Salsafestival Switzerland 2017

We're looking forward to see you at Salsafestival Switzerland from 24 - 26 February 2017.
Pre-sale will start end of March 2016.


Thomas Stadler, Patricia Petrolo, Janine Pfister, Fabienne Trüssel, Sven Hänni, Dani Spalinger and Steven Hafner
Salsafestival Switzerland


 Lost property office

For many years we run a festival lost property office. Many of last year's lost and found items have already been returned successfully. If you miss something from this year's event chances are that you will find it on our website again, soon.

Lost property

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Latest news

Salsafestival Team
Friday, 11. Mar 2016

The team of Salsafestival Switzerland would like to thank staff and volunteers for making this event such a success!



Thanks to Ballett- Shop!
Thursday, 10. Mar 2016

A big thanks goes to our main sponsor Ballet- Shop!

Zumba, Salsa, Standard/Latin dance, Yoga, Fitness, Jazz dance, Step dance or classical ballet; we are offering a wide choice of shoes, clothes and dance accessories as nowhere else in Switzerland. The Ballet Shop Zurich consider itself to be an institution in the service of the dancers.If you are professional or just pursuing dance as a passionate hobby, be sure to find the right shoes and outfit in our store

Thanks to Taxi 444!
Wednesday, 9. Mar 2016

A big thank you to our sponsors Taxi 444! 

Taxi 444 is the no. 1 in the city of Zurich taxi industry.


Alfredito Linares will not make it to Zurich
Friday, 26. Feb 2016

Salsafestival Switzerland 2016 / Concert Alfredito Linares, Jimmy Bosch and Tromboranga

We are very sad to tell our festival guests that we know for sure since Thursday night that Alfredito Linares will not be able to perform at the concert tonight because of visa-related problems. Alfredito himself, Jimmy Bosch, Tromboranga and our team have put enormous efforts in this project. We are very disappointed. All involved have made every thinkable move to find some solution to the problem in the remaining time. Unfortunately this was in vain. Still, Alfredito's singers and musicians, Jimmy Bosch and Tromboranga will - per Alfredito's request - perform all the songs that they put together with much dedication and love for their fans in Zurich.
[Alfredito Linares will come to Zurich on Saturday and he will be present at the Salsafestival to meet his fans. He will be available for photographs and signatures in the public areas of the festival.

Workshop schedule updatet!
Sunday, 7. Feb 2016

The new version of the workshop planning with around 80 classes to date is already online for you! Get it all with a full pass!

Zumba Party!
Saturday, 6. Feb 2016

The Salsafestival presents a huge Zumba party on Sunday, February 28th, 2016 from 13.15 p.m. Meet "Carlo Onofrio" and Renata Rado. Find more info on our website. The Zumba party is included in the Sunday Workshops.

The countdown is running
Friday, 5. Feb 2016

The countdown is running - exactly 20 days until the legendary Salsafestival Switzerland 2016.

In the meantime we have published the line-up.

Ladies Show Bootcamp by the Salsa Diva Griselle Ponce!
Thursday, 14. Jan 2016

For the next Salsafestival Switzerland we offer you the golden opportunity to attend classes with the world renown Griselle Ponce, one of the top New York dancer and choreopgrapher, and to present the choreography on stage. The « Ladies Show Bootcamp by Griselle Ponce » will be teached from Thursday to Sunday. On Sunday night you will perform live and professional together with Griselle Ponce (Bootcamp Program will be online soon!).