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Salsafestival Switzerland

We look forward to our 16th Salsafestival Switzerland from 24-26 February 2017!

Thanks a lot to Diego and Salsorro for the fantastic support.

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Here the most important news:

  • The line-up is top-notch like every year. Tropical Gem,  Alberto Valdes, Terry et Cécile, Supermario, Alba Estilos Unidos, Euphoria Dance Company , Euphoria Dance Company and many more stars join our Salsafestival. Here you'll find the complete line-up.
  • All artists (Shows, workshops, DJs) are payed professionals. We don't make any promotional deals. The only thing that we are interested in is quality.
  • We present no more than 8- 10 shows per night. That means that on Saturday we schedule 1 single show set.
  • So you can expect more party time. At the moment we are planning more than 100 party hours during the Salsafestival weekend - more than in any other Salsa event as far as we know.
  • The parties for Casino dancers will be extended as well - from 9 p.m. until 6 a.m.
  • Now you can also dance Kizomba until 7 a.m.


Thomas Stadler, Patricia Petrolo and Team

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Latest news

New 10 Dance Floors
Wednesday, 18. Jan 2017

Especially for the 10th anniversary of the Salsafestival Switzerland, we will present you 6 dance floors at festival-saturday. In addition to the 2 big Salsa- and Cuban(Timba)-Floor, we're planning another Salsa-Floor at the ground floor, so that all dance couples have enough space for dancing and it's possible to dance during the shows.

Furthermore we'll establish a Latin Party-, a Kizomba- and a Salsa Romantica(for beginners)-Floor. There are totally 500qm space for workshops and parties on-hand, more space than on every other Salsa-Event worldwide!

Thanks to our new Sponsor Züri Taxi!
Sunday, 15. Jan 2017

A big thank you to our new sponsors Züri Taxi! 



Thanks to Ballett- Shop!
Saturday, 14. Jan 2017

A big thanks goes to our main sponsor Ballet- Shop!

Zumba, Salsa, Standard/Latin dance, Yoga, Fitness, Jazz dance, Step dance or classical ballet; we are offering a wide choice of shoes, clothes and dance accessories as nowhere else in Switzerland. The Ballet Shop Zurich consider itself to be an institution in the service of the dancers.If you are professional or just pursuing dance as a passionate hobby, be sure to find the right shoes and outfit in our store

Team for 2017 almost complete
Saturday, 14. Jan 2017

Only a few staff members missing from the team of volunteers for the event 2017.

Couples Show Bootcamp by Adolfo Indacochea and his Latin Soul Dancers!
Tuesday, 20. Dec 2016

For the next Salsafestival Switzerland we offer you the golden opportunity to attend classes with the world renown Adolfo Indacochea, Tania Cannarsa and his Latin Soul Dancers, one of the top  dancer and choreopgrapher, and to present the choreography on stage. The « Couples Show Bootcamp » will be teached from Thursday to Sunday. On Sunday night you will perform live and professional together with Adolfo Indacochea , Tania Cannarsa and his Latin Soul Dancers (Bootcamp Program will be online soon!).


Eddie Palmieri and his Salsa Orchestra in Concert!
Monday, 19. Dec 2016

The 1st Concert in 2017 Celebrating Mr. Eddie Palmieri's 80th Anniversary. 

Breaking News!
Thursday, 6. Oct 2016

Kongresshaus Zürich will be completely renovated from mid 2017.

In February 2017 Salsafestival Switzerland will be presented at the Kongresshaus Zürich for the last time in history.

The Kongresshaus Zürich is the official location of the „Salsafestival Switzerland“ since its beginning in 2002. Starting mid 2017 the Kongresshaus will definitely be reconstructed and will be closed for at least three years. Therefore a continuation of the event in the Kongresshaus will not be possible.

February 2017 presents the last opportunity to visit the legendary Salsafestival Switzerland in the impressive setting of the Kongresshaus Zürich. In the middle of the city. Directly by the lake.

The organisation team of the „Salsafestival Switzerland“ is now working on its masterpiece. The result will be another overwhelming Salsafestival where the friendliest and best artists will gather again in the impressive Kongresshaus Zurich. With a concert you will remember your entire lifetime. Organised with the exact same precision, punctuality and friendliness that makes each stay at the Zurich Salsafestival so unique.

No Salsero, no Bachatero, no Kizombeiro should miss this last occasion to see this last firework at Kongresshaus Zürich next February.

From 2018 the event will take place at another location. The organisers will inform about those plans at a later stage.