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Special Guest List

Das Salsafestival Switzerland präsentiert jedes Jahr die gefragtesten Artisten der Welt.
Nachfolgend findest du die Artisten, welche unser Event als Gast besuchen.

Andrei & Viktoria Zhulid       Kiev / Ukraine
Partying Artist

Andrei Zhulid is a Kizomba Evangelist and an international dance instructor of Kizomba, Urban Kiz, Tarraxinha and Semba. Andrei – known as one of “the fathers of Kizomba” in the CIS – has over 15 years of professional dancing experience including variety of street dances (Hip-Hop, R&B, Electric Boogie, Urban Dance) and social dances (Salsa, Bachata, Disco Fox). But his passion is definitely Kizomba.Teaching all over the world Andrei has done 1000+ workshops in 50+ cities of 20+ countries! Many Kizomba instructors and teachers passed through Andrei’s classes. One of the key features of his classes – he doesn’t only teach “WHAT and HOW to do” but explains “WHY exactly in this way”.

Dave Dj Asmadi       Nederland
DJ & Partying Artist

DJ Cy Cy Cyrine Badri       Paris FR
Partying Artist

Cyrine joined the new wave of parisian Djs. She was educated to the subtleties of latin sounds and mixing by Dj Gabriel during O’Sullivans salsa nights, where she became a resident Dj.

Also a confirmed dancer, she has a great musical sensitivity. Cycy juggles with a swinging music full of diversity, always in search for the perfect sound.

DJ deejhonson Philippe       New Jersey
Partying Artist

Dj Dimitri        Dubai Stuttgart
DJ & Partying Artist

DJ Folivi       Luxembourg
Partying Artist

DJ Le Cavo       Switzerland
Partying Artist

DJ Loïc       Paris FR
Partying Artist

DJ Luis Antonio Salgado       New York USA
Partying Artist

DJ Mambito       Germany
Partying Artist

For more than 20 years, DJ Mambito is part of the German salsa community. He is resident DJ at both Frankfurt Festivals and has been on the decks at every Berlin Salsa Congress since 2001. DJ Mambito’s affection for salsa and latin music started in his youth. The Viva Afro Brasil Festival in his hometown included stars like Oscar d’Leon, Celia Cruz, Jose 'el Canario‘, Daniela Mercury, etc. In 2017 he will be on decks at Frankfurt Festival, Prague Salsa Marathon, Candela White Zurich, Gutmann’s Summer Night, Frankfurt Summer and Munich Salsa Congress among others.

DJ Mass Imoo       Nederlande
DJ & Partying Artist

DJ Toni       Switzerland
Partying Artist

Djane Gia       Hongkong
Partying Artist

Gia is a multi-disciplinary creative operating across music, fashion and media. As a young female salsa DJ on the rise, she has proven her potential in multiple regional and international events. She’s now managing her solo project called Mild Mambo Club – a platform focused on exploring deeply into latin music (mainly salsa) and promoting the music and dance scene on social media to the younger generation and different crowds with monthly mix on selected fresh latin sounds.