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Our festival DJ's

On this page we will eventually publish all selected DJs of the next Salsafestival Switzerland. At our Salsafestival we offer more than 150 party hours - probably more than at any other Salsafestival in the world. So we currently negotiate with close to 20 DJs who all do a magnificent job. All DJs are being payed. We don't make any deals nor compromises. Expect no less than the best DJ music on all floors at the Salsafestival Switzerland - what else?

DJ Alexio       Torino Italy

Alessio Grossi aka AIexio Dj was born in Ascoli Piceno in a small village in the centre of Italy. His first approach to the latin music was in 1998 (at the age of 9) on the dance floor thanks to his parents. After many years of dancing and studying music, his passion became his real job.

DJ Chévere       Cuba Switzerland

Alex Morales aka DJ Chévere originally comes from Cuba. He is known as a singer in various Cuban groups and as a passionate DJ.

DJ Cisko Man        Belgium

Dj Cisko is born in Senegal and moved to The Netherlands in 1990. On Christmas' eve 1991 he first mixed for a salsa crowd in Nijmegen. In February 2001 Cisko moved to Belgium. He carried on with his activities in Holland organising parties or being invited as a dj but he wanted to be a part of the Belgian Salsa Scene and

festivals where fellow dj's were heating up the local dance floors. Cisko clearly had a different way of playing salsa and the crowd liked it. He is often invited to plug his headphones on World's Salsa events, from Brussels to Dubai, Sofia, Bucharest, Paramaribo, Athens, and Amsterdam to name a few locations. About his passion, he said: "...I am not sure I have a "style" as SALSA evolves as music as well as a dance. I learn a lot listening to local and international dj's around the world.  I play salsa for Nowadays Word Citizens… …. because I strongly believe that The Salsa World should inspire the World Leaders today! Imagine that! I must confess, I never plan or think of my sets hours before and I most of the time decide what the next song will be during the last 30 seconds of the current track. My commitment is that if one goes out for a party, he deserves to have fun. Hence once I push on the "play" button, nothing else is more important than focussing on the dancers' and listeners' pleasure, my pleasure.

DJ Dereck (Kizomba)        Switzerland

Wanna dance a little Kizomba? At the Salsafestival Switzerland this is now possible! DJ Dereck  from Portugal delivers the needed music background.

DJ El Mono        Zurich / Switzerland

DJ El Mono originates from Italy and is nationally and internationally active. He is recognized as THE Salsa almanac because of his knowledge of nearly all groups, singers and songs. He is also one of our Swiss All Star Deejays.

DJ Fonseca (Kizomba)       Geneva, Switzerland

Born in Lisbon, Portugal, he lives in Geneva, Switzerland since 1991, DJ early in 1993 by the House Music, which he practices today.  He teaches salsa between 2000 and 2007 also involves old school salsa DJ with vinyl. In 2010 he learned the Kizomba and also passes DJ Kizomba, he practiced until today by collecting albums of artists of the moment. He has a web radio of the name of Kizomba Kizomba Soul Radio. With DJ El Clasico they form "Los Tremendos" a salsa DJ, DJ Kizomba.

DJ Javier la Rosa       London / GB

DJ Javier La Rosa a winner of the Most Popular Cuban DJ award is one of the most exciting latin DJ's on the scene  today. Javier came from Havana, Cuba and has been DJing since his arrival in 2004, playing Salsa and Timba  Cubana, Reggaeton, Latin Hip Hop and R n B to suit any occasion..

DJ Luca P / Salsa       Switzerland

DJ Luca P. is in the salsa scene since more than 15 years. First as a dancer, but soon he was interested in the music. He began to collect records Vinil, and soon his second passion was aroused, Old School Salsa, Chachacha and Bogaloo were his passion. He is known for his musical knowledge to bring the dancefloor to boil.

DJ Luis G       Lausanne/ Switzerland

DJ Mambo Ilk /Bachata       Karlsruhe D

DJ Mambo Ilk (Germany) is joining our crew to play the best bachata mix at our festival in Zurich. Ilker aka DJ Mambo Ilk is a very emotional, passionate dancer. Unbelievable musical and sensitive, so also his music selection! His skills include salsa, bachata and kizomba. For its authentic, natural and human kind, DJ Mambo Ilk is very well known which is why he is also booked nationally and internationally.

He has already appeared several times as Instructor and DJ in Frankfurt (Salsa Congress), Munich (Bachata Congress), Strasbourg (Kizomba Festival), Berlin (Bachata Congress), Istanbul (International Dance Festival), Budapest (All Stars Festival), Zurich (Salsa Festival) and much more. He is also the residence DJ of the famous party series Salsa on LOVE in Karlsruhe, Cafe de Sensual in Heidelberg.

DJ MD Sabha       Dubai

DJ Montuno       Switzerland

DJ OJ       Egypt

He started DJing in Egypt since 2008, with an extensive experience in playing all kinds of Latin music that suits all tastes and crowds. Due to his unique musical passion and sharing love through good music. He has been building up his own Vinyls collection from all over the world and playing them at many several hot events and festivals, both locally and internationally in different cities around the world from the Far East to the west sharing his tracks with all nations and communities.

DJ Patrick El Clåsico / Salsa       Gineva CH

He discovers salsa in 1998 and his love for music leads him to collect vinyl records. Collecting records has become a new passion added to the one of salsa dancing.His playlists are mainly composed of old school salsa and cha cha cha blended with some recent salsa songs to create a well balanced and enjoyable atmosphere.He is the organizer of Mambo Fever, and old school salsa party taking place in Geneva.

DJ Polito el Perucho        Italy

Polito El Perucho Dj was born in 1979 during the golden era of salsa, he started his salsa experience as a steady club dancer until his friends widened his knowledge of music; since then, he began to collect rare vinyl discs focusing on peculiar orchestras such as those playing Peruvian guaracha and underground guaguancó (just to mention a few genres) always without forgetting to be a dancer, hence selecting only danceable tunes that could meet the dancers’ taste whilst surprising them with hard-to-find music.

Throughout his young career he already acted as guest during major events such as 15th Lasalsavive Birthday, Tuscany Mambo Festival, 24 Karat Night in addition to numerous hosting at notable Clubs in Milan area such as Etoile and Luna Rossa. Polito El Perucho is a Dj member of Anita y su Fusion Combo which organizes success venues throughout the North of Italy.

DJ Rumbero (Cuban Music)       Peru / Deutschland


DJ Rumbero was known in Lima / Peru in the radio broadcasts "Salsa at dawn", "Cuba, Sol y Sabor" and his legendary Rumbeando-Barrio parties. 
With Clave and Sabor in his veins, he transmits his passion for music to the dancers.

DJ Sezar        Oslo / Norway

DJ Sezar has played salsa from about 2004, but since 2009 been growing fast among larger international events. He works comfortable with the parties, the DJ's and his skill to reflect himself to the energy and adjust quickly has been a big part of his success. From him you will hear pure improvised sets that will keep you dancing and dancing...

DJ U.S.Thaler / Bachata       Switzerland

DJ U.S. Thaler ist der Garant für die beste Salsa, Son und Bachata aus der guten alten Zeit. Er ist der einzige DJ, der sowohl am Salsafestival Switzerland, am Caliente Festival, auf dem Zürcher Salsaschiff und an sämtlichen Candela Parties zum Einsatz kommt. Mit der Salsa Lounge beginnt und endet jede Fiesta Latina Candela.

DJ Willy (Salsa)       Nederlande, Amsterdam

As salsa was getting very popular in the 90s, he was invited to play music at many salsa parties in Amsterdam and other neighbouring cities. At present, DJ Willy is a favourite DJ at all the major salsa clubs and events all over Holland and Belgium. In addition to that, he has been and is spinning at a number of international salsa congresses and clubs in almost all the countries ...

in Europe and recently in India. Dj Willy is also the resident deejay at the Salsuri Salsa & Zouk Festival in Suriname.

DJ Xavix       Switzerland

DJane Katrin Kizomba       St.Petersburg Russia

Katrin’s dancing career started in 2010 when she began to learn how to dance Salsa. Later she became a Salsa instructor in St. Petersburg.4 years ago she also started salsa DJing. About that time Ekaterina (her real name) discovered what Kizomba is. She got completely wrapped up in learning and dancing it and she’s been teaching and promoting it in St. Petersburg and other Russian cities for three years now.

She became first Kizomba DJ in St. Petersburg (DJ Katrin), as well as one of the pioneers in Kizomba in her city. She’s been Kizomba Djing for two years now and has already played at many Russian and foreign festivals and parties.