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Shows and Instructors

The Salsafestival Switzerland presents every year the most renowned artists worldwide and invests big money in the line-up. At the moment we are still negotiating with a number of artists. Hereafter you will only find the artists with whom we have a settled an agreement.

Afro Latin Connection       Porto, Portugal
Instructor & Performing Artist

Afro-Latin Dance Company was founded in September 2005. Paula Loureiro and Ricardo Sousa, its artistic directors, choreographers and dancers, have danced together since 2000.The dance company is currently made up of 8 dancers. Due to wide knowledge and diverse training they acquired along the years, their show is a unique mixture of different styles of dance.

Alberto Valdes        Milano / Italy

Alberto Valdes is considered one of the best instructors of Cuban Dances in the world. Together with Andria Panagi they created the CubaMiSalsa Festival On Tour project, a festival concentrated mostly in Cuban Dances presenting some of the best Cuban Artists in the world in many countries in Europe.

They teach and perform together in a very elegant style always full of "Sabor Cubano".

Alexander Martinez       Zürich / Switzerland

The world-famous Swiss athlete with Cuban roots belongs also to the best in the world of dance. Sport is his profession - dance is his passion since he was a child. At the Salsafestival Switzerland he will enrich our workshop schedule with his hot Reggaeton classes.

Dancefloor       Geneva / Switzerland
Performing Artist

The group Dancefloor (Geneva) was founded by Fred salsadancer Dancefloor and Hip Hop Dancers BoogTom 2009. The philosophy of the group is to combine different dance styles of salsa and create a harmony. After the founding Marc Dancefloor, Coco Corinne and Laetycia were integrated into the group.

All members bring their own culture and dance influences into the group. Dancefloor occurs solo, as a duo or four, and is regularly invited to festivals. It was already guest on four continents.

Gaby y Estefy       Dom.Rep /Spain
Instructor & Performing Artist

Gaby was born in Dominican Republic where he studied music. After finishing his studies, he moved to Spain and this is where the magic happened. He coupled with Estefy, a ballet dancer with experience in traditional Spanish dances such as flamenco. They united their salsa skills gained up till that point and managed to create a unique style, securing them 1st places in many championships in Europe. They are very welcomed as instructors at many festivals as bachata and salsa instructors, dancing primarily on2 salsa with acrobatic elements and dominican bachata

Grupo Sabor Dinamico       Colombia / Spain
Instructor & Performing Artist


Grupo Sabor Dinámico convinces with flawless dance technique and impressive foot speed. Their Cabaret Colombiana style is one of the fastest and most difficult disciplines in the salsa world.

Jacopo & Linda       Brescia /IT
Performing Artist

Jacopo and Linda are young, talented siblings with a lot of passion and positive energy!

Leon Rose Project       London / Paris
Performing Artist

Under the direction of the choreographer, Leon Rose, The Project is one of the most creative groups to come out of Europe. Most famous for their original interpretation of a salsa version of the classic song by James Brown, Man’s World, The Project is the only group to represent UK salsa worldwide. Now with the inclusion of some of the best dancers in Paris, the sky is the limit.

Mambo Ilk       Karlsruhe / Germany

Ilker aka Mambo Ilk is a sensual and passionate dancer. His dance is full of musicality and feeling as well as his choice of music. He does Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba. He is an authentic and natural person which makes him a favorite at national and international festivals.

Manuel Mascarell & Christina       Spain / Italy

The former professional Opera Singer started dancing many years ago, but just for fun. Today he's one of the most booked Salsa Instructor worldwide. He is, also thanks to his professional music education, en excellent pedagogue. He now teaches and dances around the world with his professional dance partner Sabrina Bravi, with swiss roots, since 2009.

Marlon Int'l & Lida       New York / USA / CH

Marlon "International" Mills is one of New York's most well-known Salsa dance personalities, having traveled as promoter (NYC Salsa Congress) and dancer (Karisma Dance Company) to many congresses and events in the states, throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Caribbean. Also, Marlon is a Teaching Artist for the "Dancing Classrooms"...

program, teaching ballroom dance to kids throughout NYC public schools. At our event he will offer us his excellent teaching skills in his workshops.

Supermario       London / UK

Supermario originates from India but grew-up in London. He is an extremely popular dance teacher, which understands to entertain his followers not only with jokes.

Tamambo MC       London / UK

Tamambo’s dancing originates from the African/American Rn’B/Hip Hop scene of the 80s. By incorporating his own flavour into the Puerto Rican style Salsa, he promotes what is now recognised around the world as “London Style” Salsa. His influences lie in Flamenco and Contemporary dance, in which his interpretation of the dance has taken a theatrical form.

As one of the world’s top all-round instructors teaching both On1 and On2 and specializing in teaching complex, yet leadable partnerwork routines for the dance floor, he has fast become a very sought after name in Salsa.
In addition, Tamambo’s newly discovered talent back in 2007 was to entertain audiences as the master of ceremony (MC) at many high-profile salsa events around the world.

Tropical Gem       Milano / Italy
Instructor & Performing Artist

Maybe it was exactly Tropical Gem who put the dance "Salsa" on a professional and uncompromising level in Europe. By the lead of Fernando Sosa and Rafael Gonzalez they created a row of sensation causing choreographies that were always danced with absolutely sharp precision. While at other events they only dance with 2 or 3 couples, in Zurich they will be on stage with all their dancers of their company!